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Our Mission

The frontier in renewable energy and quantum information research lies in designing functionalities from nanostructured and molecular components.  One vital challenge we are faced with is integrating functional entities to achieve optimal energy flow. Our approach focuses on elucidating  energy flow across various length and time scales. We are using a combination of ultrafast spectroscopy and optical microscopy to simultaneously couple high spatial, structural, and temporal resolutions. 

December, 2020 

Our recent paper, on how tuning of hybrid perovskite structures with alkali cations might protect the hot carriers, got published in Science Advances. Congratulations to all the authors for their hard work!

November , 2020

Congratulations to our third year students, Sarath and Victoria, for passing their OP and becoming PhD students in the group! 

August , 2020

Our paper, on how the surface functionalization of hybrid perovskites enhances their near-surface carrier diffusion, got published in JACS



Our paper on carrier transport across TMDC lateral heterojunctions,  got published in the Journal of  Physical Chemistry C

July , 2020

The group welcomes their new post-doctoral researcher, Dr. Olivia Frances Willimas, who obtained her PhD from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill!

May , 2020

Our paper on the twist-angle dependent interlayer exciton transport in TMDCs, got  published in  Nature Materials

April , 2020

Dr. Huang has been promoted to the position of a full professor here at the the Department of Chemistry, Purdue. Congratulations!

January  , 2020

Dr. Huang has started as a senior editor for the Journal of Physical Chemistry. Congratulations to her !


February, 2023 

We welcome Dr. Mengjia Sun as a new postdoctoral scholar in our group!

November, 2022 

Congratulations to Dr. Daria Blach for spectacularly defending her thesis! Best wishes for her upcoming adventures at the Berkeley National Lab!

August, 2022 

Congratulations to Dr. Linrui Jin! Best wishes for her journey at KLA. We will miss you!

November, 2021 

Congratulations to our third year students, Galina and Angana, for passing their OPs! 

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